Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mom, I want to...

So many happens recently, especially when you open the news paper, you'll feel like dunno want to laugh or cry. Let me share the little story with you all:

One day in a restaurant, a mother brought her child to have a lunch. While waiting, the child saw a kid on the next table ordered a very-special-soft-drinks. It looks delicious, thus the child asked the mother :"Mom, I want to try that juice." The mother, however knowing that the very-special-soft-drinks have pretty high level of sugar (of course, still it is HARMLESS) in it, but instead she tell the child about the high sugar level, she went to sue the restaurant for selling that drinks, and even requested the government to ban this drinks all over Malaysia.
My opinion: The mother have no faith in her child that the child will understand that having drinks with high sugar level is bad for health? Or rather, she have no faith in herself in convincing the child to understand that the drinks is bad?

After the dinner, the child saw a BruceLee movie, and asked the mother: "Mom, I want to learn KungFu! I heard it is good for health and also good when protecting yourself against bad guys!" Again the mom shouted: "No! KungFu came from China, learning that will make you less Malaysian!"
My opinion: Yoga come from India, KungFu come from China, learning both turns you into a Joker, half of your face looks like Indian while another half makes you look like Chinese. Also, learning both enables you to stretch your body all the way from China to India. My my... I'm being really sarcastic.

The mother and the child continues their walk. They walk pass some fashion shop (somehow it happens that the child is a daughter) and she said: "Wow that jeans looks nice!" The mother responds immediately telling the child that: "No my dear, you shouldn't think of that way! Wearing jeans makes you look like a boy, then later you'll behave like a boy, and finally you'll become homosexual!"
My opinion: Yeah yeah, the mother should also ban her child from approaching her dad, because by talking to a man she might behave like a man, and looking how man dresses himself might also gives her idea on how to dress like a man, roflmao.


As we read, we all know that the mother is pretty narrow-minded and solving problems in a very "interesting" reasoning. But this kind of people is all around us, be not surprised. If you are one of them, please understand that most people in this world view you as an alien. If you are not, thank you for reading!

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Kevin said...

wonderful blog....certainly related to some Malaysian mentality :)