Monday, November 17, 2008

Visual Basic 2008

Okay here's how the story goes. Once upon a day with a very bad weather, a thunder strikes at my area. *BOOM* I heard, and the earth ball just disappeared from my network connection.

"Shit!" I shouted.

The earth ball never return for whole week, I was in great boredom for that whole frigging week!


Thus, out of boredom, I saw a small tiny program I've installed for so long, but never get the chance to take a good look at it: Microsoft Visual Basic 2008. Then this is where it all began, I look through the tutorial, fooling around with it, and wow! I learned all the basics of a programming language in one night!

Well I'm not kidding, I begin with the good old "Hello World" program, then after knowing where the buttons are, I moved to making a good old quadratic equation solver.

Quadratic equation solver

The syntax of the language is frigging irritating, such as brackets "()" for array, unlike the square brackets "[]" that commonly used programming. Well not going too much on this, I know you are going to press the red x if I were to continue on the details...

Now, since I have a small grasp on the language now, I can move on to some more interesting programing that had running in my mind now. Stay tuned!

P/S: You can download the program here.


kenwooi said...

Programming isn't easy. =P

WenJian said...

Programming is easy....

It is understanding the concept of the programming,,, and concept are almost the same for all language,,,,,

Keep it up yea...!!!!VB is easier and interesting than C or C++ and I have one FYP project that require a implementation of GUI using VB,,,interested ??