Monday, December 08, 2008

11 Tricks to save money

Thanks to economic crisis, now we have our pocket money shrink to mosquito size. But have no fear, as the crazy mind of mine has figured out 11 ways to help you cut down your expenses and even make some extra money!
  • Start learning how to use torrents to get the things you want into your computer.
  • Do not rob a bank, as you might end up in jail; rob a bank robber instead.
  • Don't waste money for internet, use neighbor's instead. If still can't find a free wireless line, bring a chair and table next to Starbucks coffee.
  • Organize gatherings in midnight, as midnight have discount for toll, and you can avoid yourself from traffic jam.
  • If you are trying to confess to your girlfriend/boyfriend, pick a special day like Christmas or new year, so that you can celebrate 2 day in one go, saving the anniversary gift!
  • If you are feeling thirsty in a shopping mall, find McDonald, wash the cup and ask for refill.
  • No money for cinema movie? Search for some shop that sells big plasma TV, they always have some cool movie rolling.
  • Sleep until damn late, then have your breakfast and lunch together, save a breakfast meal.
  • Buy many big buckets, put it all around your garden and roof top to collect rain water, as you can prevent landslide at your house, and also free water to use.
  • Figure some ways to clone your student card, I'm sure you can sell them very well outside cinema or RedBox.
  • Copy all the points above and put into a book or note, then sell it.


coolku said...

Better suggestion here : why don't we stop blogging so that we can save some electricity money. :)

Lion said...

neh, the blog is still needed to spread the tricks

Philip Foon Weng Lian said...

muahaha...stop blogging...hahaha..exercise more la lion...get urself healthier

Kev said...

Take note...Torrents downloads could have viruses in them :)

Lion said...

lol that's why we need to learn to get torrents that are safe xD~

wonder is there anything like "torrent for dummies"~