Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Trees

Every year during Christmas, I just couldn't stop myself from collecting the beautiful Christmas trees from the malls. No exception for this year either.

Maybe it is due to the economic crisis going around, Christmas decoration this year seems to be more under budget, boo...

Anyway, let's begin with Sunway Pyramid, with the huge red tree that about to reach the roof. Unlike trees in any other mall, they did a pretty unique job for making the red tree!

Mid Valley Megamall, they are clearly cutting budget spent on the Christmas decorations. A big clown face in the center court, some hired joker for the stage, few big trees around, and that's it!

"Christmas Carnival" is the theme I heard, but they did a better job in last year's "Christmas In Faerie Land" theme.

This is Mid Valley the Gardens. I have no idea what the bid cage means in their theme, but they removed all the sofa around and replaced them with all the Christmas trees.

I'd prefer to have the sofa remained, lol.

Now now, for the champion of all, The Curve! Not only they have the normal trees, they have rotating Christmas tree, animal shaped plants, and even a pond!

It just feel so right here, the Christmas feel I mean. Words can't describe much, but "marvelous" should describe a little.


I missed KLCC, Pavilion, and 1Utama this year, but I heard that KLCC are still the same old big tall tree like every year, while 1Utama are using white tree this year, which is so-so compared to last year's drump playing doll in the center. Boo the economic crisis! (Picture stolen from TingWei's blog)

Have no idea what happened in Pavilion though.


Oh, meet some homemade Christmas tress too:

Left: Christmas tree of Thean's residance.
Right: Christmas tree in my sister's house, look at the presents!


Lastly, the poor me who don't have the real money to make all the beautiful Christmas trees, but I do have some virtual money though, meet my Christmas tree in pet society!

Merry Christmas! Hohoho...


Anonymous said...

yaya klcc stil the old big tree but no more in purple color...

pavilion leh is all in white color, not that tall... to me it likes a big white christmas cake...
not bad la at least different from others...

Lion said...

lol thanks for the info ^^

may I know who are you? :)