Friday, December 19, 2008

Dinner and cinema of the day

I bet someone really going to scream all the "Kuraaaanggggg" and "Kanaaasaaaaiii" at me soon, but I cant help it, this is really worth blogging larh, lol.

Went to Mid Valley the Gardens to have my dinner again (as my cousin sister invited me for movie later). Actually we plan to have Sushi Zanmai there in the beginning, but we were reaching there LATE! Clashed with the dinner time of the working people, people queue up damn long, so we decided to have the meal at Gurney Drive instead.

I noticed something really funny about Gurney Drive, is that we can't seems to locate their main sign "Gurney Drive", where all we found is actually a big golden gate as shown on top. After that I went to ask Google about where is it located, then i found this. Omg it is actually located at the SIDE of the restaurant! None of us noticed it!

Is the satay! Taste just fine, not oily and no over burnt on it. Half dozen of chicken and another half of lamb.

Ba-Kut-Teh ordered by my cousin sister. The sup was obviously made from the instant Ba-Kut-Teh packets that you can get in any supermarkets. Still, it taste pretty good as they used some good quality pork and also the Yao-Zha-Kuai that push the taste to another level!

This is my Cha-Kuai-Tiew, in an extremely oversize plate! They put some really big prawn inside, moderately spicy. Taste real good, especially when you are hungry.


Dinner's over, move to the cinema. This is my first time experience in the premier cinema, also known as GSC Signature. Movie tickets here are slightly more expensive (RM18) compared to normal cinema, not sure is there any student price though.

They have some really comfortable "space chair" and some sofa for the peoples to wait for the movie to get started, instead on some other cinema, where you stand around, giving an unhappy face, while looking at movie posters on the wall.

My Popcorn!

The screen, taken while the lights are still on.

As you see, there is only 3 rows of twin seats in the whole cinema hall. The seats have a good distance between the front and back chair. I have no need to adjust my long long legs when I'm seated. Good design!

Oh don't be frighten by the word "twin seat" I mentioned above. If the person sit beside you ain't your another half, you can just push down the hand rest in the middle, with that you can have all the privates you needed. Each seat also have a small table attached to the side (the black color board) that allows you to put your popcorn or bags.

We went in too early, having too much time to cam whore around, lol.

Well comparing the premier cinema (RM18) and the normal twin seats in the normal cinema (RM14), I'll really suggest the couples to spend the extra 4 bucks to try out the premier cinema instead. Your girlfriend going to love it for real, just remember to pick seats behind, so that you won't disturb others, lol.

The movie of the night is Twilight, but I bet my dear readers had tons of review and feedbacks about it already, so not going to write much here. A really romantic love story, also have a good laugher (the golden onion!) in the middle of here and there. I wasn't expecting too high but it turned out to be pretty good! 4.5 out of 5.0 I'll say.

Anyway, I don't think I'll really go the premier cinema that often, unless there's a student's price (which I don't think there are any), or maybe want to celebrate some special day with some special person? lol...

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