Thursday, December 25, 2008

A merry Christmas eve

Went to sister's house to celebrate Christmas eve as usual, with all the lovely food and present! I shall let the picture do the talking here, hahaha...

The main dish, the big chicken turkey. Well it does taste like chicken, just that when you dip it into some special turkey sauce then only you can have the real taste of it. Delicious as usual!

You know, there are time when you just wish that you are still small kids, especially during Christmas...

Sadly, some dream can never come true, but we can entrust it to the next generation! You do feel wonderful by looking at their smiling face :)

The present from me to my sister! The first and only Christmas present for her she said, but don't worry larh sis, next year I'll be giving again! Hohoho...

Oh yeah, the story behind all begins from a MSN message of "Very long no open Christmas present liao..." from my sister, lol!

My turn, Even I'm so old doesn't mean that I can't have present! I got myself a LionHeart necklace from my sister, along with a dragon head ring!

Always wanted this when I walked pass those cosplay shops, and my wallet never allows me to have one... Dream come true!

Here's another from my sis. This one is so 废 (fai) that I almost fainted! Alright, when I just opened it it looks exactly as the shown in the left picture.

I asked my sis: "Wow cool! Is this black chocolate?"

She didn't answer, only smile smile at me. I didn't open it when I noticed a chocolate inside the packets, after awhile my sis asked me to open it and it looks like the picture on the right.

My heart shouted: "Omg why the hell there's a bite at the chocolate?"

Then I look closer only I realize that... It is actually a NOTEBOOK! Even with the writing of the death god on it! But of course it's fake, just a mimic from the manga Death Note. I was like "Whattt theee helllll..."

Nice prank larh sister.


Oh, the clock just ticked pass 12am earlier, it is officially Christmas day now! Here I wish a merry Christmas to all my readers, may God bless us all in this merry moment!

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