Monday, December 15, 2008

A gathering from a canceled gathering

It was quite a pain to think of a title for today's post, where we actually having a gathering, but the main character fly us a big kite telling us that she can't make it, thus the gathering was canceled, but yet we gather.

Confusing lerh!

Well to put the words short, we actually had a Christmas gathering with Pn. Wong at The Curve, but she flied the kite in last 10 minutes before the meeting time. So basically the gathering was called off in the last minute. But there are few of us (me, Fung, Foon couple, Joel, LimBeh, SzeHui) that being punctual, had gone all the way to The Curve already, so might as well as we have the dinner there anyway.

We picked Italiannist in The Curve.

There was actually 8 of these little beauty, but we ate its brothers and sisters before realizing we should take some photo of our un-cheap dinner in the night.

Chicken, Foon say it wasn't that good compared to the Itallianist in 1Utama, it was one of the unfinished plates of the night as well...

Spegatti, main dish of the night, one skinny one fat, one sweet and sour one cheesy.

I folded this out of nothing-better-to-do-ness. It was actually a bird but they say looks like dinosaur! The cloth is darn soft la wei.

Oh yeah, I think we all had black listed the Italiannist in The Curve now, the service is so poor! We need to raise our hands 3-5 times just to get our waters refilled, and yet I see the waiter chit chatting at the corners. Cursing so badly when I was paying the 10% service charge for such poor service.

Not to miss the photo taking of course, Christmas decorations in The Curve is so beautiful! My personal favorite are the group photo on the top though.

Special thanks:
Pn. Wong - that fly us the big kite.
LimBeh - that drives all the way to The Curve, hope his van engine is okay now.


MaiYC said...

nice christmas decoration, why never bother to ajak me?

Lion said...

lool u so far away, sumore is all my secondary schoolmates le

MaiYC said...

i can reach there on 15 minutes. As long as got lenglui to shoot, i do not mind.

Lion said...

lol but i scare d lenglui mind xD~