Sunday, December 28, 2008

Steamboat and mabuk session

We love gathering, don't we?
We love party, don't we?
We love steamboat, don't we?
We love liquor, don't we?

Yes we do!

Thus the party had been thrown out for celebration of some random events: My cousin, Manfred's birthday, new year, Christmas, DongZhi... Name all the events larh, but we just wanted to throw out some party to get happy!

Meet the materials and the pot. I loved the FukZhou fish ball a hell lots, simply irresistible.

Meet the beefs from Australia. Fresh, juicy, and yummy!

Everyone, say cheese... Aiya, all too busy eating already...

Bacardi apple, taste a little like cough medicine, never drink without melting some ice in. It BURNS!

Meet the cake of all celebration - A person's birthday, Christmas, DongZhi, and new year.

Say hi to all the 30%++ liquor.

Before drunk still can take some good looking photo larh...

After drunk who's the husband also forget already...


Indeed everyone had lots of fun! For myself lerh, this is the first time I actually feel my head spinning after drinking, gosh!

New year mabuk again larh! Then we have more people including my sister coming back from Singapore! Bwahahaha...