Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dinner of the day

Suddenly felt like blogging about food, to make my dear readers feel hungry (joking larh). Also suddenly, my cousin sister brought me to Mid Valley the Gardens to have dinner at 鼎泰丰 (Din-Tai-Fung). Thus here is it, tonight's dinner!

The 小龙包 (Xiu-Long-Bao) that you can never miss, approximate RM2 per dumpling, scary price but really delicious!

My pork chop ramen, look at the pork that covered the entire ramen! The price is around RM16 but I'll say it is really worth the price. The pork are juicy but not oily at all, while the ramen are soft and tasty, yum~

P/S: I really need to get a better camera to get the best shot out of the foods...


kahyan said...

arrhhhh !! pork !!! xiu long baooooooo !!! *drool*

Lion said...

hohoho, 2molo gota blog d sushie dinner~