Thursday, December 11, 2008

Review: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Well, I rarely never write a movie review before, so I'm going to give a try here. Just went to watch this show with my friends and really felt like writing a few words for it. Oh by the way, I have no idea why the poster stating the release date is 12-12-08 but I get to watch it today which is 11-12-08, typo?

-Warning: Spoiler alert!-
Spoil level: low
The whole show is about an alien invasion, and the reason is the global warming issue again - mankind is destroying the earth. So the alien came and tell you: "Hey stop poking the earth or else I'll poke you!" Of course the stubborn mankind won't listen, thus here it comes, the alien is saving the mother earth.

I'm not sure about others, but myself is a science friction lover, so I'll give a 4.6 out of 5.0 for this show. The handsome alien never fails to surprise the viewer what he is capable of, and it gives a really good suspension of "what's going to happen next" feeling. Good show.

However there are also some of my friends comment that the show is boring, almost fell asleep and so on... It really depends on person that viewing it, there are quite some number of rarely used term in the movie, such as the "Noah" and "Dead Sea Scroll", people who don't know what these is might found the movie hard to understand.

Well, my advice is just don't expect too high, relax and watch!

-Warning: Spoiler alert!-
Spoil level: high
I hate the kid, serious.

The kid's acting are so freaking good that I hate him so much in the movie. Just why in the earth that people will kill a stranger just because you don't know him? Sadly to say that this is happening to many people around us, treating stranger as enemy instead of meeting a new friend going to be.

The ending is so unsurprising, for real. The title of the movie finally make it to what it means in the last 30 seconds of the show. Even so, the earth didn't really stop turning and you feel like "what the hell! that's all?" when the credits pop out. Well I think "The Day After Tomorrow" did a better job in concluding the movie, at least they bring out a clear message of "stop hurting our mother earth".


Well, that's all! Thanks for reading!

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