Sunday, May 06, 2007

A waterfall + mahjong trip

Here I go again, one day, Jason told me "You are invited for a trip to Seremban waterfall, you do not have the option of not going." And here I am, back from this *Seremban Waterfall Trip*. Why I **-ed the words? Well the answer is simple, because the waterfall and the place we staying are still damn far away from Seremban (1 hour drive), and yet some smart people (Jason) told me until the day of departure "Let's go Seremban waterfall!" Okay, enough of the shooting-of-the-dog-barker, let's talk about what happened on these 2 days.

Saturday (5th May) Joel called me in the morning, saying that "Jason will finish his medical checkup on 1:50p.m. so I'm coming over to fetch you at 1 o'clock." Then on 1 o'clock, Joel came, and told me that "Let me tell you a story, at ~12 o'clock, Jason called me to fetch you and reach his house at 1:50, then later on ~12:30, Jason called me again to reach his house at 1:30, after that on ~12:45, he called again and asked me want to have any tom yam or not, if want then come more earlier." Well, that's the Kim as usual!

We reached Jason's place at ~2 o'clock, thanks to CHS sports day and jam along the way. We switched car from Joel's Black Turtle to Jason's Proton, then went to fetch 2 more people, KaiYean and MeiTing (Jason's friend, seen her once in Sushi Station). We started to head for our destination, MeiTing's grandpa's house, which located somewhere in Negeri Sembilan, some place called Port ZhuZhu (not pork zhu, is the pearl zhu...). On the way going there, there is only 2 word to describe, HOT and CRAMMED !! First the traffic is so terribly and horribly jammed, thanks to Jason's good friend Mr Samy Vellu for making the road in such a way that there is a tiny u-turn that causing all the trouble and there are police guarding that area (people tends to drive slow in front of the cops). We who sit at the back (me, KaiYean, and MeiTing) were making good use of the solar energy to bake some bread we bought in the shops, while we ourself, like baking cookie and trying all our best to avoid the burning sunshine!

After the crazy jam, another task awaits our driver Jason, the hill roads. He needs to keep swing the steering left, right, left, right, left, right... all the way to the destination, he say it was dead boring and very tiring, well I could imagine that. And finally, we reached our destination at around 6 o'clock, everyone was like a walking zombie when get out from the car, due to long term of sitting in the car and the hill roads. We rested for a while and played some *kicking shuttlecock* bring by Joel until dinner. We have our dinner at some restaurant nearby, treated by MeiTing's grandfather, many many thanks to them, the food was very nice, especially the fish! We spend the rest of the day with playing mahjong, eating kuaci, and sleep (2 rooms, girls one room and boys one room, duh).

Sunday (6th May) Okay, something stupid happened in the night, we were supposed to wake up at 8 o'clock, but I woke up in the midnight (~5.00a.m.) instead, why ? Thanks to Jason's snoring that as loud as a full blast karaoke. I whacked the bed, to generate some sound (I used to do this when I was annoyed by my father's snores, it somehow works) but I ended up woke all of us up instead, lol! Well I went to sleep after Jason woke up (yeah the snoring stopped), while Joel told me the went to take a walk with Jason because they can't get back into sleep.

The alarm woke all of us up again at 8 o'clock, Joel was the first to woke up, walk to outside, and then went back into the room, telling us that "MeiTing said that her grandpa has gone out, so we actually don't need to wake up so early..." I asked "Who's the smart fella that ask us to wake up in 8 o'clock in the morning ?" And the conversation ends with another laughter. But then I didn't went back into sleep, I woke up, washed my face, and then enjoyed an hour of novel reading in the kampung with kuaci. Damn that's really a good place to read novels, it was having some light rain outside, the air is chilling, cooling, and fresh, and I'm holding my novel with my left, opening kuaci with the right, awww~.

We had our breakfast in some kopi shop nearby, the laksa there was nice, and kopi ice there is just, whoa! Tasty! After the breakfast, we headed towards our main destination, the waterfall (said by Jason, it was actually a river).

When we reached there, the water there is... COLD! Damn cold! Bloody cold! I begins by immerse my foot into the water, so that I could get used to the water temperature slowly. Meanwhile, the clever Joel rushed into the water, submerge half of his body into the body into the freezing water, and telling me "1,2,3... (takes deep breath) 1,2,3... (takes deep breath again) Lion, I can't sunk my body into the water, so cold..." Though in the end we all get into the water and having those usual activities u can think of in the water (splashing water, enjoying water current, etc). This was ended at ~1 o'clock in the noon, when we starts to see some group of M-peoples starts to camp around the area. We changed our cloths and have another short game of *kicking shuttlecock* near river.

We then head back to MeiTing's grandfather's house, have bath, lunch, and more mahjongs. Foods there are nice! Seriously I mean it, fresh vegetable, and the special *XiYaoKai* cooked by her grandmother, simply TASTY! We packed our stuff and leaved the place at ~4 o'clock, there it goes for another round of left-and-right turnings for Jason in the hill roads.

We stopped for a while to take some photos around Semenyih dam, the views there are magnificent. Well a picture is better than thousand words, water there are clear, wind are cooling, just only the hot sun is stopping us from enjoy the view longer, we need the air-con in the car!

Finally all these was ended at ~7 o'clock when I reached my house, have my dinner, bath, and begin to writing stuff here.

Some afterwords:
For some reason, I felt like writing this part, as I (in fact, all of us) felt that the time passes slowly in the kampung. We were playing mahjong in the first day, and then there is a stage that we all felt so tired, we all though that it is already pass midnight, but when we look into the clock, it was only around 11.30p.m.! Another when I was reading novel in the morning, I've read for like ~30 pages, but when I looked into the clock, only ~20 minutes has passed! Even myself was quite surprised that I could read so fast!
People said that the city life is busy and time waits for nobody, but here, it seems to be the opposite, life here is relaxing, and you actually waiting for time to pass. We all should often rest our mind in these places!

My many thanks to:
Jason Kim - the pathetic driver
Mei Ting and her grandparents - for the treated foods and the place to sleep

For more photos, please view my photo album, under tag 2007waterfall

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