Friday, May 11, 2007

Hot days

Ah, another day back from school, thank god it is Friday, I can enjoy a 2 days holiday now. Recently it is really hot, the air is dry, the temperature is high, the wind is hot, the road is burning, and the class is noisy! But luckily now is exam season, there is no need of teaching, if not I'll seriously be dead in the class.

Many things happened in the school, some big and some small, the big ones like we are forbidden from bringing cane into class. Today a scary parents search for a teacher (
YeatHann) that beat their children, I can't believe that father actually shouted in the corridor! I was really worried that father would did something really stupid in the school. But thank god, another teacher asked them to go see YangFu. Things has cooled down after that. The next thing we know is that YangFu come up, and told us not to bring cane into class anymore! We all was really shocked by this sudden announcement (anyhow it was expected), since the cane, for us, is like a charm of protection, we can hardly control the class without it! For me other class are still okay, but 2C, I really can't go into that class without a cane! *Thank you* so much, YeatHann.

As I said earlier, it was really hot these few days, now I hope everyone to drink more water, because there's many student having nose bleed in the class! Yesterday there's one in 1T, then another one today, in 2C. Those blood from the nose really freaks me out, their shirt are dyed red with blood, blood coming out non-stop, HELP!! Luckily those aren't serious nose bleed, it stopped after a while, scared me like hell.

-removed due to offended akta 999, 算了吧-

Here ends my today's half-hour, time to bath.

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