Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's day

Yesterday was mother's day, well nothing special actually happened, except that sis actually bought some flower for herself, and was taking photo with it, haha! Mom was working in the noon, so in the night, we had dinner (one big bowl of pork leg porridge) together.Sis bought a ice cream cake for the mother's day. (80 bucks, of course, we tell mom that it is only worth ~30 bucks, if not surely will get scolding again...)

The cake is so so so delicious! I ate uhmmm... 3 pieces of it, though I'm very full at that moment, but I simply can't help it, simply too tasty! Take a look at the before and after picture below. Oh yeah, the ice cream cake came with dry ice with it, ChingHan and MeiMei were so crazy about the smoke came out when we put the dry ice into the water, while looking at the dry ice, I was thinking : *Someday I really should try to put Mentos into the cokes...*

The before and after!

Well, sadly I don't get my pay yet, if not I would give a big angpow to mom wishing her a happy mother's day. Anyway, happy mother's day mom!

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