Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bunch of mumble

First, let me warn those who reading this, you might disagree with some of my points below, but it is my way of looking at things, and today I just feel like putting this up since I'm not those type of people that likes to talk about *words in the heart* with anyone I saw.

Today is another busy Wednesday, back from work, cooling down myself in the room. Recently I've been enjoying doing this, I reach home ~7 o'clock, instead of going to bath or dinner, I choose to lock myself in the room for like half hour, listen to some music, updating blogs, watch an episode of anime, and so-on. Why I'm doing this instead of getting a bath? Well too many things happened in the day, I really need my personal time to cool myself down and so (to be honest, I'm those *volcanic* type of person, easy to get angry, easy to get pissed). In this half hour, this is the time where rethink of the things I've been doing in the day, and plan for stuff to do on the next day. Also, this is the time I change myself from a teacher back to myself (sounds weird, eh?).

Today's half-hour is slightly longer, there was so many things in my mind, especially about certain person (is a guy, so give up on a thinking of "whoa, who? your girlfriend?"). I'm sure he is reading this as well, and I wish that he will listen to some words from me, as a friend (again, I'm not good in talking about
*words in the heart* in face to face conversation).

-removed due to offended akta 999, 算了吧-

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