Monday, May 21, 2007

Teacher's day dinner

Friday was teacher's day, and today, we are having some teacher's day dinner at the 田园 restaurant. We've been told that the dinner starts at 7 o'clock, so Joel came to fetch me at 6.55p.m. (where I asked him to came at 6.45), but never mind, being late is Malaysia's tradition, don't you agree ? The dinner truly starts at 8+ o'clock (see?), and I guess we aren't late at all.

Anyway, we we took some photo around before the dinner starts, and chit chat all along. AhLian is the cameraman so he was busy taking photos all around the place, pity him. When the dinner starts, there was lucky draw all long the time, almost every teacher had get something. I got a Panasonic fan, Joel get a 30 bucks shopping voucher, Jason get a 50 bucks shopping voucher, XiaoWen get a camera, and other's who sit in our table get a hamper or something. Wow, everyone in our table get something! And everyone get a soap as present of the table.

As expected, our table was the most crazy table around, shouting like mad when they announce the lucky draw winner. The worst part is when our table was called to received the "lucky table" prize, we all shouted "CHUI YI! CHUI YI! CHUI YI!..." and pushed her go up the stairs!

Well, finally it ends at ~10 o'clock. Me, Joel and Jason went to Sunway Pyramid for a bowling match after this. Yeap, like rolling money into the longkang.

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