Friday, May 25, 2007

Life of a teacher - Part II

Ahh! Finally it is time to write this, today is the last day of my teaching! Well there's nothing special on this last day, other than I get to take some photos around, with my students (only picked 3S and 3C, to hell with 2C and 3N, and sadly don't have the time to take with 1T).

Any special feelings on the last day? Actually, none. Seriously I don't have any feeling of missing the place, maybe because there is too many nightmares on that place (thanks to 2C) and I'm not really leaving the place because my university's starting day was delayed to 25th June. When I tell YangFu (my lady boss) about it, she was laughing non-stop! Guess she's going to call me back for more classes in June.

Anyway, I really wish to thank all my colleague (Jason, WengSze, Benny, KokPang, XiaoWen, JiaCi, ShaoWen, WengLian and Joel) for sharing those experience on teaching (how to shut a student's mouth, how to protect the cane, how to punish student without having troubles, etc). Not to forget my lady boss, YangFuXiaoZhang (we called her YangFu), for all the help, guidance, reminder, lessons and the lovely timetable that so nice until I'm able to read novels in the office! I've enjoyed such great time with you all.

<- 3S - My favoured class, a class that I can go in without any pressure at all! The only little problem I have is I need to close my ear when entering this class because the actually shout when they greed teachers!

<- 3C - Though I only go into that class once per week (PJK class), but I'm quite surprised that I received some present from this class during teacher's day!

1T - Yet another good class, they listen to teacher, and pay attention when teacher is teaching (maybe because they are still small, haven't wear the monster mask yet). Sadly I didn't manage to get any photo in this class due to lack of time *sigh*.

3N - Another class that I didn't manage to get any photo of them, quite a okay class, this class like to talks a lot, hell lots. Almost 50% of the time I spend in this class by scolding people (especially the son of devil, HoTeckKuan), well as long as they shut their mouth I guess this is quite an good class.

2C - The only class that giving me problem, didn't even bother to take photo of them. The worst part is I need to go into this class everyday! Half of the class actually were good students, but the another half turn the class up side down. The class is filled with peoples that likes to interrupt teacher's speech, people that talks without having the words filtered by the brain, etc. I'll rather take 2 more BM class than taking a single 2C as BM class *sigh*.

Finally, hope we'll meet again! (*cough* except 2C)

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