Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Change of hairstyle

After leaving my hair to grow for like 3-4 months, today I've finally able to go cut my hair! Well thanks to Joel for being the pathetic driver, fetching me from PJ to SS2 to cut my hair. (Well, actually I traded it for a meal, which he owe me when asking me to help teach his *ahem* add maths and physics) Well you see the before and after pictures up there, from tropical forest to messy grass!

Worst thing is, I cut my hair in the morning, and then I need to go to school in the noon! I've already expecting things from my dear students... Well before that, in the salon, Joel was so happy that he saw a pretty girl was free a that moment, and praying she will be cutting his hair. The thing is, she set up the things for both of us, then takes some magazine to Joel, walk right pass him, and came to me, asked : "What type of style would you like to have ?". Well actually I don't know Joel was very *gek* at that moment (dream crashed), I was laughing like mad when he told me so!

Okay, after the haircut, we went back to Joel's place and we both screaming "We going to be damn late!", at the moment is around 12 o'clock. After Joel's bathing we rushed to Old Town, grab 4 cheese burgers at the McDonald, and rushed into the school. Thank god, we are not *damn late* yet, just *late*, because schools haven't started yet (1 o'clock at that moment). Finally, at 1.45p.m. my first lesson in 3N, as expected, the class was going wild with my hairstyle, some said "Teacher your hair like grass!", some said "Teacher today you so leng chai!", forgetting that they are having exam should keep quiet! Oh god, I wished that today is Sunday...

For the rest of the days, I was using half of the time to calm down the class thanks to my hairstyle, and thank god that now I'm finally home, counting down the remaining days in the school !(8 working days to go!) Teacher's day are coming, should I be expecting things from those monkeys?

Some afterwords :
I seriously don't understand why people can hold their grudge for so long, sigh.

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