Friday, May 18, 2007

Teacher's day

Yeap yeap! Finally today is teacher's day, the long awaited day for all the teachers in Chen Moh! When I reached school today, I've already seen the morning session teachers' table are filled with all types of colourful presents, especially AhLian, who got many many fans around him, he got so many presents that can fill 4 bags to the limit! I just can't wait for my turn!

Before school starts, some students are already starts sending presents to the teachers. Yes! I got my first few presents! A moment later, I got my best present from the PIPG, a 50 bucks angpow! After that, all teachers and students are required to gather in the hall to have a simple teacher's day ceremonial. Well nothing special, we get to enjoy some performance, students singing, and the worst part is that we had to sing some lame Malay song too!

Well then, the ceremonial ends at around 3 o'clock, and the teachers are to return to the office and to enjoy teas provided (cakes, fried rice, fried prawn, fried chicken, etc). And yes, more presents coming! But then we afternoon session still can't beat morning session, these kids still " 不会做人", ai... regretted why I teach afternoon session.

recess, I was hoping to have some tea party in the class so I don't need to teach (many morning session class are having it), but sadly, none. So we are required to teach until the end of the day, during teacher's day! Further more need to scold people during teacher's day! Bloody 2C, don't give me anything never mind, some more make me angry!

And finally the day ends, with all sorts of weird stuff from the students. Jason had a mango, some "
火龙果", and a plate of seafood from the students. Luckily I've send warning to my dear students no to give me red pens during teacher's day (though in the end I still received 5), I was laughing at the other temp. teachers when they received 20+ red pens, can use for life time!

Now I'm home, just counted how many I get (around 15), very happy! Except that the bloody 2C spoil my mod of the day!

Result of the day :
Most present of the day (overall) : AhLian (50+)
Most present of the day (morning session) : AhLian (duh)
Most present of the day (afternoon session) : WengSze (30+ I guess)

Least present of the day : Joel (2 pens)
Cameraman of the day : Joel

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