Thursday, May 03, 2007

Another day in UCTI/APIIT

Ahh... Another tiring day back from UCTI, my future university. Today went there with WeiRen to clear up those application fees (a total of RM150.00) for my engineering course. Going to that place without driving is such a pain, first we'll need to take LRT from Taman Jaya to Masjid Jamid, then from there we switch train to go to Bukit Jalil. When reach Bukit Jalil, then we'll need to take taxi to UCTI. Let's see, the money paid on transport, RM2.00 (Taman Jaya -> Masjid Jamid) + RM1.90 (Masjid Jamid -> Bukit Jalil) + RM1.50 (taxi, shared by 2 person) = RM 5.40 just for going there, then coming back will cost another RM 5.40, and the total cost will be RM 10.80, oh god... I'm praying that this will be my second and last time I'll be going there by LRT.

After some consultation with a lady officer there, I've decided not to take accommodation there, after all it is too expensive, ~RM300 per person (I thought that it was ~RM300 per room, which mean ~RM150 per person). So, I've ended up with another choice, driving there whenever I have a class. Parking there isn't cheap too, RM3.00 per day, let's say I have class for 4 days a week, which mean I'll paying around RM50 per month, not including the car petrol. However it is definitely will be cheaper than the accommodation (I don't need to wash my own cloth and cook my own dinner too!). Now, another problem has been raised, where the hell I'm going to get a car for me to go university daily! Mother need to use her car for fetching that 2 little devils, then father need his car to go KL *drink tea*, the Estima from my sis? Forget it, too big for me.

The next time I'll be in UCTI will be on 28th of May, attending their orientation. So I've given time around 3 weeks to figure out how to to UCTI by car, so that I can save myself from the cursed LRT ride!

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